Year 2 of my HND … and searching for some work experience

So I’ve been back just four weeks, and I’m really enjoying this year! I am learning some new things and really interesting things and starting to learn how to promote myself as a photographer, although what i really want to do is teach photography i would also like to maybe find somewhere that i would do a bit of freelancing, documentary type photography as it is my passion and also i feel it would be a great experience! I would throughly like to do this as part of my work experience unit so i have contacted the local newspaper for now with high hopes of hearing back from them, but also i will look into shadowing a photographer in the everyday running of their business for example studio work if i am not successful with the other side of things … i also feel that with the freelancing side of things it will give me a broader insight into helping me educate others when i progress into teaching in the future.

Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated as would any contacts.

thanks for stopping by!