Inspiration for the presentation of my work

In March I went to the Victoria and Albert museum where I was lucky enough to see some of the most inspiring photographers in the history of photography, I enjoyed looking at their work and came across these two photographers and was taken by the presentation of their work, I made a decision that day that I would like to use this set up for my final major project, although the project had not started yet I knew I had to start thinking about what I wanted to do and how I was going to present it.

I had also seen some images printed onto fabric, they were very small square format black and white images, and they were placed inside a black square frame, unfortunately due to the rules of the Gallery I was not able to photograph this as evidence.


My favourite presentation of the three I had seen at the gallery was definitely Curtis Moffatts work.

Curtis Moffat 2

Curtis Moffatt 1

Elsbeth Juda 1

Elsbeth Juda 2

Elsbeth Juda 3