Project Plan – FMP

I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Fargo Village family in Coventry where i was able to put up an exhibition of my existing work! Very exciting! Also it was a lot of hard work! but it was definitely worth it, so i have been spending a lot of my spare time there over the last two months and the shop owners and residents are all fantastic! and are all in the same position as i am … just starting out so i have decided to document these amazing people in a very fun way! And luckily enough every single one of them is on board for the photos!! They love the idea and they are all massively supportive!!! I have never been around so many encouraging and lovely people in one place!!! So between 7th – 10th May i will be spending the weekend doing my shoots with the girls and guys there and then spending my evenings getting them edited ready for printing!! All alongside my written work to support it!!

May 2015 Calendar COLLEGE