Portfolio – Feedback Welcome

Hey everyone,  i know i have been very quiet here just recently, sorry! But i am back and will be uploading a few bits from recent times for you to look at, but for now i need your help/feedback and opinions on the start of my new portfolio, i would really like some professional feedback also so if you could share my blog today that would be really kind of you all!! thank you in advance!!

So basically i have been asked to put together a portfolio of my work and I’m struggling to decide on the images i would like to include, i have to have a minimum of 20 images (i currently have 56!!, yes I’m very bad at decisions haha!) so i am going to upload my 7 contact sheets here (in order) and i would love your feed back for the images on each one, i will not be offended by your feedback i would just love some constructive opinions, so thanks again in advance … i look forward to your comments!! Also please excuse the name tags on the images!! please just number the images either 1-9 on each page starting top left to bottom right or just number then 1-56 from the first image on contact sheet 1 to the last on contact sheet 7.

Or this may make your life a little easier i have uploaded a word document with numbers 1-56 (actually i think its numbered to 58 as i forgot to edit it!) if you would like to fill that out and attach it to an email to myself that would be brilliant – please send it to stephphotome@outlook.com. CONTACT SHEET NUMBERS

Also i will upload each image individually below if that helps.

Contact sheet 1


Contact sheet 2


Contact sheet 3


Contact sheet 4


Contact sheet 5


Contact sheet 6


Contact sheet 7



Portfolio Image-10 1 Portfolio Image-11 2

Portfolio Image-12 3 Portfolio Image-13 4

Portfolio Image-14 5 Portfolio Image-15 6

Portfolio Image-16 7 Portfolio Image-17 8 Portfolio Image-18 9 Portfolio Image-19 10

Portfolio Image-2 11 Portfolio Image-20 12

Portfolio Image-21 13 Portfolio Image-22 14

Portfolio Image-23 15 Portfolio Image-24 16

Portfolio Image-25 17 Portfolio Image-26 18

Portfolio Image-27 19 Portfolio Image-28 20 Portfolio Image-29 21

Portfolio Image-3 22 Portfolio Image-30 23

Portfolio Image-31 24 Portfolio Image-32 25 Portfolio Image-33 26

Portfolio Image-34 27  Portfolio Image-35 28 Portfolio Image-36 29 Portfolio Image-37 30

Portfolio Image-38 31 Portfolio Image-39 32

Portfolio Image-4 33 Portfolio Image-40 34

Portfolio Image-41 35 Portfolio Image-42 36Portfolio Image-43 37 Portfolio Image-44 38

Portfolio Image-45 39 Portfolio Image-46 40

Portfolio Image-47 41 Portfolio Image-48 42

Portfolio Image-49 43 Portfolio Image-5 44

Portfolio Image-50 45 Portfolio Image-51 46

Portfolio Image-52 47 Portfolio Image-53 48

Portfolio Image-54 49 Portfolio Image-55 50

Portfolio Image-56 51 Portfolio Image-6 52

Portfolio Image-7 53 Portfolio Image-8 54

Portfolio Image-9 55 Portfolio Image 56