Wow what an ending!!

Feedback from some of my clients for my FMP and people who have followed my work and attended my exhibitions.

feed2 feed3feed 1.


As you will se from my original research I was very much going to stick with my general documentary photojournalist style of photography for my FMP but I accidentally came across a story during my research of a photographer (Joel Robison) who had written a piece on how his work had been stolen and used by another person for their own gain.

I read this story and it really hit a nerve the thought of someone stealing photos and taking the credit for themselves is so wrong, also his images were fascinating and so magical, I think the fantasy style of his images really drew me in, but also the story so that weekend I did a mock photo shoot with my partner in some woodland not far from home and decided to try my hand at documentary style miniature photography, when I had my finished result I contacted Joel Robison to ask him for his opinion on my edited image, he was kind enough to give me some constructive criticism but mostly he was very kind and encouraging.

FMP Evaluation

I decided that with this new idea I was going to emphasis the fact that if you take that risk to follow your dreams they can work, and due to the decline in new business in Coventry, Fargo has proved that with a lot of hard work and support it really does pay off, so I spent a could of weekends doing photo shoots with the residents at Fargo and they were all up for it and the shoots went really well. I decided to call the project Dream Big as I think the images are a great visual metaphor for that title.

Then I started to compose my images and to my surprise they were actually good, the more I edited them the more confident I became, and by the time we were ready for printing I had 4 completed composite miniature business owners ready and waiting.

I feel I have good justification to keep doing these images, as most of the businesses and the Fargo Village them selves are going to use them to promote getting new businesses to start up there.

I feel very proud of what I have achieved for my FMP and my project got some great feedback and reactions from people. I will definitely carry this on as a future venture.

I am also attending a workshop of Joel Robison’s in London in July so I am very much looking forward to learning some new skills.


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