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So i have finished my FMP it was a great success, i had lots of positive feedback from peers, visitors, friends and family that all managed to come to the exhibition, it was a fantastic evening we had lots of fun and met some lovely people. i managed to run this exhibition along side another personal exhibition i have in coventry also.

During the exhibition planning my job was to do all the printing for the images as i have had a lot of work experience working in the copy and print section of staples for over a year, i really enjoyed this job as it was something i loved to do and it gave me lots of satisfaction seeing everyones faces light up when their images had printed out, i also got given an extra job which was to set up a new Instagram page as our original one that was set up wasn’t really working well enough to get us followers and interest for the exhibition, so i took that over and within the week we had nearly 20 followers and people were liking our behind the scenes images. i also enjoyed doing this as i enjoy promotion on social media which has somewhat changed since my opinion of it back in march when i refused to go back on Facebook because i didn’t feel it was necessary, but i take it all back as since i have going Facebook again my photography has become well noticed!

IMG_3222  First Instagram for the exhibition that was up for two and a half weeks before did the second one.

IMG_2957 My Instagram for the exhibition

I had less than a week to promote us on Instagram i think i did quite well considering all the other jobs i did too 🙂 i was happy with how the Instagram promotion went.



  1. I have followed Stephanie’s work since the beginning and waited with bated breath for each project to be shown I have loved the landscape’s which are curantly at Fargo village and am in ore of the final major project that I went to in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago the setting was awesome but the photography was inspiring haveing captured people at work and miniaturised them into there work environment absolutely loved it well done.

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