Project Specification – FMP


Test Shoot 1

I decided that I would go out and do a test shoot for this project to work out how to do my editing as it is something I have never tried before, especially with documentary work, I feel this is a new way for me to go.

I was really happy with the result of my editing, and it took just over 1 hour to edit, the only thing I wish I had done is think more about my framing of the image, because for my FMP I want the images to be square format. I will be doing another test shoot before I begin the shoots for my final images.

These are the images that I started with.

_MG_6948 _MG_6951

This was my result.

PAUL EDIT final! SHADOWS low res

My aim for this project is to show people and something which represents them within one image, whether they are a business owner or whether it’s a hobby I think it’s a fun way of doing a documentary style project.

I did have an idea of maybe doing a fairy series of the same thing but with something they dream about having or are working towards.

The images would be something like this

This is just something I mocked up for this but I decided against that idea because I figured what represents people is more realistic in my given time frame.


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