Protest – Press

Protest Shoot – Press



  • Canon 5D Mk iii
  • 24 – 105mm lens
  • 64gb SD Card


  • DRY


  • £2.50 Parking fee
  • No fuel cost




I had originally gone into Coventry to photograph empty shops but came across this protest – to do with a polish politician – unfortunately they didn’t speak very good English so I wasn’t able to grasp the full story. But they were happy to have photos taken and thanks to the weather being so nice I got some great shots. They would be ideal for a tabloid news story, as there is a big community of polish in Coventry so it would appeal to them as well as local people to see what is happening in their city.

I really enjoyed this shoot, the people were lovely, there was lots of community support not only from English but from all cultures and backgrounds which was fantastic, there was no trouble at all, it was all very relaxed, there was a police unit available should any trouble occur.

There are only a few photos from this shoot as it would be for a newspaper there would only be maybe 1-3 images maximum I feel these would be perfect to compliment the story.

PRESS Protest#-5 PRESS Protest#-4 PRESS Protest#-3 PRESS Protest#-2 PRESS Protest#

Here is some info that i think links to this …ś


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