Press Shoot 1 – Remembrance Day



  • Canon 5D Mk iii
  • 24 – 105mm lens
  • 64gb SD Card


  • DRY


  • Free parking
  • No fuel cost as its just up the road – 10 min drive





Due to my local free paper being delivered, I knew about the remembrance day service and march at the memorial park, so I decided a few days before to take photos of the park where I found that every tree I passed had a crocheted poppy tied to it, the women’s institute had crocheted and placed them around every tree.

On the Sunday I was up early to make sure everything was ready i made my way there for around 10 AM so I was ready for the service, I had planned this for my press photography shoot. I also knew it was going to be busy so I couldn’t take too much equipment although I did manage to squeeze to the front for a prime viewing spot. I had previously checked the weather on my iPhone and had kept an eye on it until Sunday morning, the weather was perfect for my images the sun was a bit low in some images but I like the effective gave. I feel that that the final images that I have chosen are my strongest and reflect a story within them.


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