Ideas for FMP – the ideas in bold are my 3 main ideas, id love some feedback or ideas on techniques or equipment or locations i could use.

  • Police – cell shoot – long exp person sitting in cell
  • Homeless/elderly people – town long exp (see titerenko images)
  • Empty shops series
  • Army/Soldier injuries – Bryan adams reference
  • Derelict series

Elderly people who worked for war effort, soldier willing to have photos taken.

Ghost images – long exp – 35mm film & digital as well.


Untitled4 Untitled3 Untitled2 Untitled

Homeless project

titerenko titerenko2 titerenko3 titerenko4

Long exposure city/Homeless

soldier soldier2 soldier3

Army Soldiers project


Derelict project

This is my mood board of ideas that really grab me. And feed my ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 13.06.34

After a discussion with my colleagues about ideas and elaborating on things i feel i will focus on my second idea of a long exposure social documentary series on the homeless, maybe looking at focusing on ex soldiers or the elderly that were involved in war in some way. The long exposures of my images would highlight the fact of these people that have done great things and risked so much yet only to be just another everyday person in society sometimes just being left to deal with their demons them selves and having no support, i will elaborate on the ethical issues within my work.

I hope these images will pull heart strings and people can relate to them in their own ways even personally.


2 thoughts on “FMP IDEAS

  1. I find your ideas different to what the others have come up with.I like the fact that its different and more realistic. I personally find the long exposure/homeless project intriguing. I think it would be beneficial to photograph the homeless people in a manner that has more technical creativity to it than just a straight on portrait shoot like most others have done in the past.

  2. I like your last 2 ideas of Homeless/elderly people or Army/Soldier injuries – these have a lot of potential. With the subject of the injuries for your FMP, I think you could create magnificent images with this and tell others of their journey and sacrifices – however there is probably more shooting opportunities with homeless/elderly people. I like the fact both of these ideas are realistic. The techniques you could do include a collage of a homeless person’s day – smaller images that tell the story and challenges that individual faces on a daily basis.

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