Gallery review – Photographer – Jason Scott Tilley

My grandpa was a photographer  for The Times of India newspaper working from their offices in Bombay in the 1930’s and he was the inspiration for me making my own collection of images in India.

Jason Scott Tilley

I visited this exhibition today, what is really moving about this exhibition is how its all family related and thanks to his grandpa, Jason Scott Tilley was inspired to go back to his roots. Jason Scott Tilley was a freelance photographer for a wide range of newspapers and magazines before his photography took him into documenting his own family.

People of India is an amazing photographic journey that plots both a historic record of colonial and post-empire India, and it is a personal journal seen through one man’s own pictures and the camera of his grandpa, The exhibition also explores the the images in the context of British rule in india and Jason Scott Tilley’S anglo-indian heritage.

The images are square prints in square white box frames and mounts, which really make the images stand out especially as they are black and white, the portraitures are beautiful documenting people in their everyday environment, unfortunately i was not able to photograph any of the exhibition, but i would rather spend time admiring the images than taking photos of the gallery layout for my review, i spent and hour and a half just taking in all the history and information, and of course all of the beautiful images not only of Jasons work but that of his grandpa’s too. The contrast and the depth of field within the images really shows the detail in peoples faces and clothing.

During his travels he kept all of his train/travel tickets throughout his travels during 1999-2009, they were all displayed in a beautiful but a little worn leather album.

There were so many images that stood out while i was walking around the gallery but i have picked two, the first i managed to find online, but the second you will either have to see the exhibition for yourself or i hope i do the description justice.

Paharganj New Delhi 2004_1

Pahargani, New Dehli, 2004 by Jason Scott Tilley. Copyright the artist.

Here is my first image it really made me smile, this man was part of a brass band practicing for a wedding and Jason had asked hime to pose for photo whilst the mans band members looked on and were telling him to stand straight and hold his head up. I could really see this guy seemed to be making a real effort to make sure he looked good in his photo obviously with the help of his band mates.

The second image is of a man called Boom Shanka Baba who Jason met in 2002 during Diwali hindu festival he called out “No leg, no problem” he made a few rupees a day from selling postcards to tourists, Jason always ate his lunch with him, the image is a full body portrait and he has a smiley face, dressed in rags with his walking stick, apparently he liked to sing here is a link to a video Jason uploaded to his blog.




2 thoughts on “Gallery review – Photographer – Jason Scott Tilley

  1. You are welcome! I am hoping to bring my partner to see your exhibition, maybe we will see you there! I am glad you liked what i have written, and hope you do not mind i have used one of your images on there. 🙂 Thank you for commenting!

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