Photography Workflow

Today we discussed workflow and how it works, and maybe see if there were any changes we could make to make things easier.

My workflow

  • Take my images straight off my SD card
  • Place the in a named folder on my hard drive
  • Import the images from that folder into lightroom
  • Edit them (different everytime as i dont do the same type of images all the time)
  • Export them either as Jpeg/Tiffs with or with out water marks depending on what i am doing with them
  • Sometimes i do export them in subfolders
  • Then once done they’re left on my hard drive

For me to improve my work flow

  • I need to back up my images more – so use more than one external hard drive
  • Use photoshop image processor to resize images in a batch
  • Use batch processor in photoshop to add actions in a batch
  • Also add metadata in light room (for copy write purposes)

Before todays session i avoided any wedding/commercial photography jobs that were offered to me as i was not cinfident enough to take the jobs on board as i felt i wasnt knowledgable enough to do so, but now i feel alot more knowledgable and comfortable about it now i can see what i need to do with my basic work flow and dealing with clients.


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