Flash, Speed, Light!

During this session we covered 6 things

  • Flash modes
  • Flash zoom
  • High speed sync
  • How to read flash out-put power
  • Using flash and ambient light together
  • Off camera flash

Flash modes

  • ETTL – AUTOMATIC FLASH MODE or EVALUATIVE THROUGH THE LENS … meaning your flash will judge how much power to give out depending on your camera settings, whether they are manual, aperture priority or shutter speed priority, to use this mode correctly you have to keep the flash pointing forwards.
  • MANUAL – Means you control all the settings.
  • MULTI – This is also named the STROBOSCOPIC FLASH which means it fires the flash multiple times at a rate of your choice (Hertz), giving you multiple flash exposures in a single shot, which means it allows you to freeze a moving subject multiple times as it moves across the frame. (See example of Laura)
  • HIGH SPEED SYNC MODE – When your speed light is connected to your camera, the maximum speed you will be able to shoot at will be 1/125 or 1/200.
  • This mode helps produce frozen action shots.

Flash out-put Power breakdown

  • 1/1 = Full output power
  • 1/16 = Half power
  • 1/32 = Quarter power
  • 1/64 = Eighth power
  • 1/128= A sixteenth of the power

Fill flash if for outdoors when there is a lot of ambient light, it does exactly as it says it ‘fills in’ the underexposed areas of the shot.


  • The zoom range is normally 24mm – 105mm
  • At 24mm the beam is wide and soft
  • At 105mm its narrow and harsh

I have some examples of the modes mentioned that i will upload soon.


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