Zombie Walk – Pre Photo shoot

_Y9A2359 _Y9A2338 _Y9A2325 _Y9A2318 _Y9A2293 _Y9A2275 _Y9A2269 _Y9A2258 _Y9A2252 _Y9A2240 _Y9A2216 _Y9A2185 _Y9A2160 _Y9A2115 _Y9A2086 _Y9A2070 _Y9A2066 _Y9A2060 _Y9A2050 _Y9A2035 _Y9A2023 _Y9A2022I was asked by my friends at Tiptop Photography  http://www.tiptop-photography.com to join them and some colleagues for a photo shoot with some of the zombies that were attending the Birmingham Zombie walk 2014 http://www.birminghamzombies.com we were located firstly in a derelict building and secondly at a graveyard i preferred the derelict building set up as the lighting was a lot better as when we were outside it was so sunny it didn’t really do with the look i wanted for a graveyard shoot with zombies!!  But either way it was extremely fun!! And we had lots of giggles and the zombies were fantastic considering a lot of the had never ‘modelled’ at a photoshoot!!

heres some of my shots! to see more please visit my flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/stephstar/



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