Research – Sally Mann

Sally Mann was born in Lexington, Virginia in 1951. She has photographed in the American South since the 1970s and formed series on portraiture, architecture, landscape and still life.
Sally Mann is best known for her portraits of her family, Her husband and young children, that are very intimate, and for her landscape work in the American South. Her work involved a lot of controversy at times, but was always influential, she has attracted a wide audience since her first exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D. C. in 1977.

Sally Mann 1

Sally Mann 2

Sally Mann 3

Sally Mann 4

Sally Mann 5

• Explored various genres in the 1970’s
• She found her art with her publication At Twelve: Portraits of Young Women (1988)
• 1984 – 1994 worked on a series called Immediate Family (1992) which included her 3 children all aged under 10
• Most recent work is her series Proud Flesh spanning 6 years of photographs of her husband.
• Produced two major landscape series Deep South (2005) and Mother Land (2003)
• Experimented with colour photography but prefers black and white
• Prefers antique technology rather than today’s technology
• Uses an 8×10 bellows camera
• 1990’s she began using the wet plate collodion process, like hybrids of photography, painting and sculpture.


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