Reasearch – W. Eugene Smith

W. Eugene Smith was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1918, and learnt his photography from his mother. He created some of the most moving images of war ever made. His photographic essays deeply moved the American public, this includes his images of the effects of mercury poisoning in Japan.
He worked his way up into photo journalism during WWII, he never hesitated about his photo shoots, he would go anywhere and get as close as was necessary to get his shot, this proved successful and granted him a wonderful response from the public and the press.

Smith 1

Smith 2

Smith 3

During his career he found and documented the lives of people within there chosen craft/job, including one lady Maude Cullen, who was a nurse and midwife in South Carolina after this was published the donations were vast, it really showed the strength of Smith’s images


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