Reasearch – Eugene Atget

In the late 1880s, Atgét started photographing items artists needed for their work, and by 1898 he had become established in Paris. In the 1920s, Atgét was commended by Man Ray and other surrealists, for his photographs of window displays that combined reflections of the street and the items for sale, and for his pictures of places.

Atget 1

Atget 2

Atget 3

He became fixated with making documents and records of the landscape, architecture, and artefacts that made up French culture and its history. Atgét rarely photographed people, he preferred the streets, as well as the gardens, and other areas. Atget had a combined archive of over 8,000 negatives by the end of his life.
• Died 1927
• Photographer for painters/artists
• Streets
• buildings old view of Paris
• Record of time
• Documents
• Large Negatives
• Large format camera
• Early Morning photographer – less busy
• Recluse – not really known by anyone as a photographer
• Man Ray lived close, did not know each other
• Bernice Abbott worked for Man Ray and introduced Atgét and Man Ray, after Atgét’s death, Bernice abbot bought a large collection on his negatives.
• Well Framed Pictures


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