Help with my project …


During my Final Major project I have discussed my images with my tutors and got a lot of feedback, all was very helpful with my decisions along the way including my email from my tutor Laura; ‘here are some notes for you, for your FMP:
We spoke about paper: you should print on Pearl, Lustre or Satin paper. Matt may be too tricky to work with and glossy will be too shiny (don’t need gloss if putting print behind glass)
ikea box frames, for square photos (they have a sale on now) I think the black frame would work best with your striking monochrome images, I really took this on board I am currently still not quite there with the printouts as the editing has been a bit difficult especially with the colour management being very difficult between laptop, college computers and college Mac desktops so my next steps are to get one of my images printed on to some different types of photographic paper to see which I think works best … ill discuss it with my group at college and with my tutors to see what they think, but I am really going for not completely matt images, also I need to pop them into my portfolio when I have decided what images to print.

Also about 4 weeks ago we got a new tutor, as our current tutor had become poorly very suddenly, so it was interesting to have another view point on our work I the form of James, some of which I completely disagreed with but others I was happy with, I feel he really made me think about my project in a constructive way instead of from one view point. It was James that actually reinforced my idea to take a portrait of my neighbour as he thought it would be good to give the images more meaning, then Laura again reinforced this idea with mentioning that it should be the main image, so I took these ideas and came up with my close up portrait of Mr Warner, which I really like, and then I had the idea of photographing his hand on the holy bible as he has been brought up as a catholic and is a preacher at his local church so I thought this would really fit in with the subject matter of my images.


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