Final Major Project – My ideas, trials, tribulations, and the exhibition

As of last week I have been planning for my final major project – my original idea was to carry on with the images I’ve already taken of my neighbour (see documentary post) but I started to feel maybe I should do something different, and I had come across a new photographer called Alexey Titarenko, he has done some fantastic long exposure photography they are ghostly yet tell a story of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So I thought that maybe I would do something similar or along these lines, but incorporating sunset and maybe a pub beer garden showing people socialising, although I was not sure about the permissions required and the fact that people may get rather ‘merry’ and my images wouldn’t turn out as I want them, so inevitably I scrapped the idea but will definitely try it as a future project.

I have been keeping notes in a written diary of ideas and thought trails I’ve had, here are some:
= Landscapes- long exposures – sunset/sunrise – Burton dassett location?
= no spare time over the next few weeks, worried I may not be able to make a good go of my project, due to having to work extra time …. maybe I could get a few days off to do my FMP work?
= spend the day with my neighbour to document his daily life – too difficult with no days off? maybe some portrait shots of him.
= photographers Eugene Atget, Alexey Titarenko, Iain Gilmour, Brassai, Henri Cartier-Bresson.
= Location ideas for long exposures … Train Station, town centre, bus station, retail parks, shopping mall?
=Multiple exposures/double exposures

After talking with one of my tutors James, we discussed my ideas and decided that rather than start a brand new project I need to complete the one had already started as originally decided, after thinking about it a bit more I realised I did want to carry on with it, but maybe not in so much depth as before but just to add in a really good portrait shot of him in his surroundings.
I don’t think I want to use anything but natural light like I did with the original images, so therefore I will need to arrange for the portrait to be taken around 4/5pm to get the right amount of lighting, I may even see what effects I get as the sun is going down too.

I have offered to make my neighbour a book of all the images I’ve taken and I’m hoping he can make it to the exhibition, and I can present it to him then.

More to follow as the project continues …



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