Studio Assignment

Double Page Spread




COLLEGE EDITFINAL 55watermarkThis assignment was a huge one lots to do and lots to learn! I enjoyed it and learnt a lot about lighting and the studio set up and how to relate to your model and make them feel at ease

during this assignment I had to cover the following subjects

Studio Practice

1. Be able to identify the characteristics of studio photography.
2. Know how to use photographic media, techniques and technology.
3. Know how to plan and realise photographic intentions.
4. Be able review own studio photography

Photographic Lighting

1. Know how to use lighting for photographic assignments including available light and electronic flash and tungsten lights.
2. Know how to use studio flash accessories to control the lighting quality on lighting assignments
3. Know how to illuminate a subject correctly.
4. Know how to calculate the correct exposure for the material in the camera in a range of lighting situations.
5. Understand the need to carry out checks on electronic flash equipment to establish correct functioning.
6. Understand Health and Safety issues and safe studio practice.

Digital Imaging Techniques

1. Know how to use layer effects within a multi-layer image.
2. Be able to manipulate basic layer masks.
3. Know how to use different plug in filters and effects upon layers and selections.
4. Be able to demonstrate functions that enable different generations of an image to be viewed, edited and reset.
5. Know how to use editing tools to manipulate existing photographic images.
6. Use text creation and editing tools.
7. Create composite images from a variety of sources.
8. Save and export files to desired specifications.

There was a lot to take in, the most difficult part for me was the digital imaging techniques as I am still learning when it comes to Photoshop but I managed to produce a magazine cover and a centre fold as part of my tasks that were given to me, which I was really pleased with!
(photos to follow)


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