Experimental Phototgraphy Assignment

556852_347125255385344_514119306_nThere were two separate parts to this assignment that I needed to be competent in by the end of it these were;

Experimental Photography

1. Understand the need to experiment with the photographic image making processes
2. Understand different ways of producing images by the action of light and chemical processes
3. Know how to produce photographic images using simple equipment.
4. Understand the historical context and characteristics of photography.
5. Understand Health and Safety issues and safe studio practice.

Media & materials in photography

1. Understand and use elements of tone, colour, texture, pattern, shape and form, through techniques and media.
2. Understand the need to develop an individual approach to the collection and recording of information.
3. Be able to explore and experiment with ideas, techniques, media and materials.
4. Understand conventions and be able to challenge established methods and approaches
5. Understand Health and Safety issues and safe studio practice.

When I started this assignment I really enjoyed it, as we did pinhole photography, cyanotypes and other things, but unfortunately the further along it went the more I started to resent having to do all of the messy stuff in the darkroom, and to top it off I had to make a scrap book of the ideas, the research I had done and my ideas for my final piece of work for an exhibition that I had to do within college, I chose to do photograms, and at first I was going to do black and white photograms but then my tutor introduced me to colour photograms and I was sold, not only because it was quite easy to do with the amount of time we actually had to do the assignment, but you could make any colour you wanted! I had lots of fun making the photograms, but then there was the issue of mounting them, I had thought of doing a negative but couldn’t work out how to make a large negative strip to place my images in, I had also gone for a rainbow theme and each photogram was a colour of the rainbow, and each image was the same, a self portrait negative with net certain and negative strips lay over it, I managed to get my large negative strip made thanks to the laser machine in the technology department at college, I was so impressed!

I liked my idea at first but the final out come wasn’t as nice as I thought, I wanted it to be more than it was but I guess I shouldn’t have put so much pressure on my self with the short space of time that I managed to achieve it in.












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