City Scapes Assignment

For this I again had to complete certain tasks to attain my desired grade these were as follows:

  1. Understand composition perspectives for land and cityscapes.
  2. Understand cityscape light and shadow and image depth.
  3. Know how to use near and far subject elements to create depth.
  4. Be able to observe and photograph cityscapes.

Understand Health and Safety issues and safe practice on Location.

I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment and really came out of my shell! I also mastered the art of long exposures (although since then my long exposures have left a lot to be desired. I was extremely pleased about this and as you cane see from my images I have posted below, they’re not a bad try for a first timer! (in my opinion).

This is a type of photography that I had not really heard about before, I learnt about the likes of, Henry Fox Talbot, Brassai, and Troy Pavia to name but a few! They were very inspiring, I particularly found the work of Troy Pavia interesting, with his use of lighting techniques and fantastic outcomes.

I definitely will continue to expand my knowledge with long exposures and out door photography.










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