September 2012 – Skill Building – My First Assignment

The aim of this assignment was to build my skills in four areas of photography to determine my strengths and areas for future improvement
Traditional photography –
1. Understand the functions of 35mm SLR camera.
2. Know how to use darkroom facilities to produce photographic prints.
3. Know how to use studio lighting.
4. Know how to work to a photography brief.
Introduction to digital imaging techniques –
1. Be able to manipulate images using selection techniques.
2. Be able to use masks.
3. Be able to isolate and change different parts of an image using layers.
4. Be able to resize and retouch a photograph.
5. Be able to change an image using special effects.

During this first assignment I was introduced to 35mm SLR cameras. I had only used these when I was younger and never really knew what I was doing, so this was really interesting for me. Completing the whole process yourself is very rewarding, from taking the pictures to developing the final image. Also during this time I learnt how to make a contact sheet of my images so I could look at them before I produced my final images, and i learnt how to do test strips as well so I exposed my negatives for the right amount of time to produce a final image. I also learnt a lot about working in a studio environment and how to work to a brief that was given to me on what I was to produce at the end of it.
I enjoy film photography a lot and this first assignment was an eye opener as to what I can achieve with film and how film photography came about, with the likes of Ansell Adams, Abe Morrell, and William Henri Fox Talbot and others way back to the 18th century. They have helped evolve and shape photography to what it is today!

And I thought it was all about digital photography! Turns out you can be just as creative with film!


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